Testimonials for Delphi Pacific Communications

I love your simply stated romantic ideas! I think using the watermark as thebackground would be beautiful …I appreciate you and your creative energy!

Tamarra Sullivan
Hawaii’s Gift Baskets

It is just hard to put into words the transformation I personally have gone through with this [brand identity] experience. From losing my identity when I lost my hair, then further loss of identity with the loss of my 9-5 job, I was lost. I am found again, back with a vengeance with a whole new identity that is not tied to anything else except my true essence. You really have no idea. I want to kiss all of you.

Gail Slawson
OceanHead Investment Group

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Paula helped me develop the tag lines and text for my company's marketing materials & website at She was easy to work with, professional and personable. I was able to count on Paula's knowledge, I would recommend her to others, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” December 20, 2009

Michael Mazzella
Honolulu Mentor
I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your extraordinary are truly a master of the written word as well as incredibly creative!

Kenneth Lee, Realtor

Thank you Paula, for such a great job!!! Talk about customer service – the Mana team of WavenDean, Mike, and Paula reek of it!!! They listened to my needs, then listened to my story, and lo and behold my own personal brochure came to life.  The quality of materials combined with the beautiful branding gave me a wonderful package to present.  I always receive raves. Whether it is from my sphere of influence or an unknown prospect, the comments are always the same; who created your marketing??? Thank you WavenDean, Mike, and Paula!!!

Sharon Brown, (R)

Paula is so creative and really listened to what I wanted. Thank you so much - you are a genius!

With much aloha,
Pamela Swancutt (RS)

The service I received from Paula is far beyond mere word expression...She is absolutely brilliant!

Her ability to bridge the worlds of technical details and artistic vision for my commercial photography business was a key ingredient in setting my copy above and apart from others in my arena.

Easy to work with, Paula met creative milestones on time, supported me far beyond what her scope of work required, and drove my project forward with grace and deep care and concern.

As a self-employed disabled veteran who received entrepreneurial assistance from the Veteran's Administration (VA), I know the marketing content Paula developed for me had to meet very stringent federal guidelines to help me express my brand.

An impeccable stickler for attention to detail with vastly uncommon visionary abilities, Paula's creative mind gave me branding products I am very, very proud to display...All give me incentive to excel. From my excellent business card content, to the fluent copy in my fliers, through my highly retentive website text, Paula shined very brightly.

I would have never been able to author the storyline about my business as proficient as she did, no matter how many hours I invested. I am truly grateful for her value-added support, and give her my absolute highest professional and personal recommendation."

Ricardo Finney

Precision Photography Hawaii

I know it must be so difficult to make everyone happy, but you seem to do it!! You're awesome!!

Nanette Bishop,
Waiakea High School

"I've spent 21 years in the publishing industry working with writers and editors. I know quality when I see it. We asked Paula to review a major update to my wife's website before going live. Her insightful and masterful comments significantly improved our material and its impact.

Paula is among the very best I've worked with over the years. My advice: when you have an important message to deliver, don't press send without her."

Doug DeCarlo,

Author of eXtreme Project Management

I have worked very closely with Paula Thomas over the past three years as a partner in the Huiana Internship Program. As the Program Manager in the Hawaii Island Workforce and Economic Development Ohana (HIWEDO), Paula coordinated many of the everyday procedures of Huiana that were vital to the success of the program for our schools. Because of her work, our students have gained valuable experiences in the workplace, relevant to a career and/or professional and personal development for life. In the DOE, we are especially grateful for the internship opportunities she provided the schools as she tirelessly recruited many businesses and community agencies to be supportive partners in education. When Paula started with us, we were an organization with no more than 20 student interns and a handful of business partners. Three years later, under her watch, we now have over 90 businesses participating that have served more than 300 students over that span.

Thank you, Paula, for all that you've done for us, especially for the future of our students.

Roy Kobayashi,
Consultant, Hilo-Laupahoehoe-Waiakea Complex Area
Department of Education