Delphi Pacific Communications owner Paula Thomas has over 30 years of experience in corporate/institutional communications and has been a digital marketer for over ten years. Paula is affiliated with enfusionizeTM, a sophisticated internet marketing company on the cutting edge of Internet marketing and campaign launches as well as Mana Brand Marketing & Design, a brand marketing & design company.

Delphi Pacific Communications offers the following services:

  • Verbal Branding (naming, tag line, descriptors, brand story)
  • Product Launch content development
  • Sales Funnel content
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Commercial writing
    • ads, brochures, rack cards, jumbo cards
    • Press Releases
    • Feature writing
  • Select Editing services


interests include new business marketing, the body, brain, neuroscience and what we know about ourselves, organizational communication, design, the arts, and yoga / dance / movement studies.